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Adventure Baths Project

Owing to its latest large investment project, at the end of 2013, the Castle Spa acquired a new roofed adventure complex, the AquaPalace. Therefore, it can serve all year round the families, young people and those who come to visit the baths firs of all not because of its healing waters. In this facility of more than 6,000 square metres, on a water surface of almost 900 square metres countless adventure elements – such as a lazy river, water jet massages in standing and lying positions, waterfalls, pool floor jets, neck showers, a diving pool, a family water slide, a “light tunnel” body slide and an “upwards inclining/dropping” in-line tube slide going upwards in a unique way in Hungary – guarantee the entertainment of the visitors. Here also people arriving with children can relax, since in addition to the adventure elements in the baby and children’s pool, playgrounds partitioned by age groups await the families. While children are splashing or just try their bravery on the diving platform over the deep
water, adults can have a rest in the pool bar or give themselves up to the pleasures given by the new sauna world. A mother-baby corner provides the calmness of retirement for the tiny tots requiring care and rest. The range of baths services has been supplemented with child minding and entertainer (animator) service. The biggest attraction of Gyula town, the AquaPalace, the new family water park of Gyula Castle
Spa, stands at its welcome guests’ service every day with experiences, in sunshine and snowfall!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers

Why is it necessary to implement the investment?

Gyula Castle Bath is one of the largest spas with traditions in the Southern Great Plain region. Year after year some 500-600 thousand guests demand on the bath services recognized also at an international level. The operation of the bath and its tourism significance influence not only the town’s but also the region’s economy through the tourism income and the indirect effects of the additional services. Besides, the National Health Tourism Development Strategy classifies Gyula Castle Bath as the only international-rate bath.
The renewed parts of the bath were inaugurated last time in 2004. The wellness centre was renewed in the two stages of the Széchenyi Plan, and the capacity of the medicinal services was increased by 90%, and the swimming-pool block and the Riding Stable with its four pools were also renewed. In these days on the one hand the international and the national tourism trends require newer, modern health preserving services on the other hand the bath cannot offer -expect in the summer season- attractive programmes for the families with young children. Gyula Castle Bath cannot meet these challenges to the full extent. The wellness centre is now crowded, small, and technically as well as aesthetically out of date, the standards, number and capacity of services need to be improved.
In the past decade more significant baths of this region were developed. There are several projects also in Romania, so the competition is intensifying on the market. Gyula could keep its privileged position if it competes not only for the Hungarian but also for the foreign guests. A huge demand for qualitative spa services can be seen for example by the Romanian guests, after Romania joined the European Union this trend became more intensive. Serving the Romanian guests Gyula because of its geographical location (international boarder) has a competitive advantage against Hajdúszoboszló, Debrecen, and Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő, but the services of Gyula also must be made competitive to keep the guests.
There is also a significant competition in summer time, which is the most important period with the highest income for the baths. The smaller, in winter not available spas of the region represent alternative facilities compared to larger, more crowded, regional baths or nationwide baths. In this situation Gyula Castle Bath must find the trend, which can guarantee that the number of guests will increase from year to year and will not decrease because of the competition. Besides it is expected that in the next 5-10 years there will be important bath developments in the areas close to the Romanian border. By that time it is necessary to achieve so high technological standards in services, which inspires foreign guests to visit Gyula Castle Bath.
To sum it up it can be said that from the range of services of Gyula Castle Bath the four so called bath functions (thermal bath-therapeutic service, bath, sport-swimming, wellness bath-fun bath) Gyula Bath can serve 3 functions at a nationwide recognised level but there is a lack of attractive fun bath serving the young and the families with young children.
Thus the project primarily is necessary to provide qualitative attraction in the long run and guarantee for Gyula Castle Bath and the city of Gyula to be competitive on the international market of the tourist industry.

Why is it necessary to support the project?

There is a need for the support of the planned project because the attractions (museums, cultural and sport events, baths) in the tourism are not generally so profitable for private capital to be interested in them. Therefore primarily the local governments should undertake management and development of the local attractions. In our country -thanks to our natural resource, the largely available thermal water– there is a great emphasis on health tourism: the first emphasized programme of the New Széchenyi Plan’s seven programmes is the- “Healing in Hungary- Health Industry Programme”, its first sub-programme is called “Tourism based on Health Industry. This project proposition confirms the sub-programme aiming to develop a qualitative (complex) tourist service, which is connected to health tourism. The principle owner of the bath, Gyula Local Government taking it into consideration decided to develop Gyula Castle Bath to establish an internationally more and more competitive bath, which can generate significant tourism and induce more hotel investments beyond the hotels we have (Hunguest Hotel Erkel, Elizabeth Hotel, Wellness Hotel Gyula, Hotel Aqua, Hotel Corso Boutique). Eu support is indispensable to achieve this aim.

The unique offer of the present thermal water pools expanded with the main element of the project, the covered, full of wellness services, expanded with a family fun bath will create a not-exploited market for Gyula from which a profitable, more successful enterprise will become by a well-built marketing strategy, which can attract guests and make them return to Gyula from year to year. The operating Gyula Castle Bath -among the Hungarian baths uniquely!- still can work without Local Government working support in the future, creates jobs in the town, attracts investors (hotels, restaurants, other tourist programmes) into the town, hereby it facilitates to established more profitable enterprises.
The project could not be financed only from own resources and/or credit that is why the non-refundable public support is needed.

How can the places of services be reached during the project period?

The schedule of the construction works has been divided into more working stages, and the population of the town, the owners of apartments and the guest are being informed now and they will be informed later as well.

1. working stage (20th of June – 6th of July 2012)
the main building (winter main entrance, locker rooms, winter relaxing hall, medical centre, passageway in Hunguest Hotel Erkel) with its full function is available through all the entrances for the visitors
the pavement leading to the park from the main building will be closed during pulling-down the wooden construction above the shaded pool
next to the “octopus” thermal pool the passageway is provided towards the park.
the “octopus” thermal bath may be temporarily closed from safety reasons (for example when the crane operates)
The shaded and effervescent pools are expected to be closed during the construction works, the goods entrance will be closed
the other 16 pools of the bath will constantly work
the summer bath, the wellness centre, Castello Sauna Park and the area of the swimming pools will not be disturbed by the constructions works
1.2 working stage (7th July – 30th September 2012)
the main building (winter main entrance, locker rooms, winter relaxing hall, medical centre, passageway of Hunguest Hotel Erkel) with all their functions can be reached
the pavement leading to park from the main building can be used
the shaded and effervescent pools are expected to be closed during the construction works, the goods entrance will be closed
the other 16 pools of the bath will constantly work until the autumn pool closure
1. 3 working stage (1st October – 15th December 2012)
the winter main entrance in the main building is being renewed, we are installing new lockers into the locker rooms, the white room on the side of Hunguest Hotel Erkel is being renewed
the guests of Hunguest Hotel Erkel can reach the medical centre and other services of the spa over a temporary route through the accustomed passageway inside the building
the main entrance of the bath will be located to the summer main entrance, the main building will continue to be reached through the Riding Academy Spa
the medical treatment services still will be available through the Riding Academy Spa
from the main building the park can be temporarily reached only through the Riding Academy Spa
the shaded and effervescent pools are expected to be closed during the construction works, the goods entrance will be closed
the other pools of the bath will constantly work according to winter operation
the goods entrance will be closed
1. 4 working stage (7th January -28th February 2013)
the main entrance can be approached again from winter main entrance as usual
the guests staying at Hunguest Hotel Erkel can reach the medical centre and the bath through the renewed white room
in the main building there are construction works only in the closed area isolated from the winter relaxing hall
the park can be reached from the main building on the new, more comfortable, accessible ramp
the shaded and effervescent pools are expected to be closed during the construction works, the goods entrance will be closed
the other pools of the bath will constantly work according to winter operation
1. 5. working stage ( 1st March 2012-until the end of the constructions)
the main building with its expanded winter relaxing hall can be demanded with all its functions
the shaded and effervescent pools are expected to be closed during the construction works, the goods entrance will be closed
the other pools of the bath will work according to the usual operation

The working stages depend on weather and other factors, accordingly the duration of some working stages can change, their starting and finishing time could be modified.
The current information of the investment can be read on website and for more information we offer, please contact us on this website.
During the time of the construction works Gyula Castle Bath and the building contractors are committed to minimize the disturbing factors.
We apologise for any convenience and we hope that we can offer you a new, comfortable family fun bath. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

Yours sincerely,
The Management of Gyula Castle Bath

Why did the outdoor shaded and effervescent pools have to be closed during the construction of the new fun bath?

Focusing on the dear guests’ safety during the whole time of the project, the shaded and effervescent pools must be closed because these pools with a new shading fore-roof above them will become a part of the new building but the other 16 pools in the area of Gyula Castle Bath continue to work according to the

Operating Rules:
– thermal water pools can be reached during the construction:
– octopus pool
– pools in the building of the Riding Academy Spa
– massage pool (until 25th October 2012)

Why is the project beginning in the middle of the summer season?

The European tender system and its consideration process unfortunately does not take into account the date and time of the construction works, in order to do the necessary technological steps (e.g. excavation works, foundation, water insulation) and to finish the developments as soon as possible, the investment will have to begin on 20th June 2012, that is at the beginning of the summer season. A scenario was written about the timing of the construction works in order for the guests avoid any inconvenience.

What kind of new services will be developed due to the development?

New services
1.Massage (5 beds): On the ground-floor of the main building according to the plans the Beauty Massage Salon opened in 2011 will be located to a new place
2.Solarium (2)
4.Family fun pool (with 600 square metres water surface, 16 fun elements)
5.Swimming pool (recreation)
6.Children’s pool
7.Relaxing pool
8.Sauna Plunge pool
9.“Rising Doughnut” fun slide
10.Spiral body slide
11.Family slide
12.Deep water trampoline
13.New sauna world – Aromatherapy sauna
14.New sauna world – Infrared sauna chamber
15.New sauna world – Steam chamber
16.New sauna world – Finnish sauna
17.New sauna world – Ice fountain and tub shower
18.Nappy changing room and baby-mum relaxing room
19.Dry playground for adolescents
20.Dry playground for babies
21.Babysitting and leisure animation


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