Zumba Festival in Gyulai Castle Spa too! 19-20.08.2023.


I. Zumba Festival Gyula until 08.18-20 2023!

Attention Zumba fans and beach lovers!

The long-awaited weekend is coming soon: I.Zumba Festival Gyula August 18-20, 2023!

A frenetic 3-day party with the best-known Masterclass instructors in the Zumba community in Gyula courtesy of ZitaDanceFitness and the Gyula Castle Spa .

Unforgettable parties in the hall and pool, day and night!

ZUMBA Masterclass

Claudiu Gutu Zin
Tomi Zin from Zsolna
Dovydas Veiverys Zin
Karesz Öllös

in the Gyulai Várfürdő with star performers, where #DSession, #DjHlasznyik and #DjOszi guarantee the atmosphere and Latin music at the all-day pool party.

On the Google map available HERE , you can find the entrances to the Gyula Castle Spa and the Aqua Zumba venue of the 1st Zumba Festival, the Slide pool.



The AquaZumba organized in Gyula Várfürdő can be visited with any type of ticket for the Várfürdő and with the All-In ticket of the 1st Zumba Festival (no longer available for purchase).

You can read about locations and detailed program HERE .

Depending on the weather, the organizers reserve the right to change!



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