House rule


1. The house rules apply to the entire area of Gyulai Várfürdő.
2. The price of the service includes the service fee, so the spa employee cannot demand or accept any other benefits.
3. Use of the spa or other services can only be done against a valid entrance ticket or pass. The entrance ticket is embodied in an electronic wristwatch to be worn in the spa area, which can be checked by the spa staff during your stay in the spa. It is mandatory to wear the wristwatch received upon entry throughout the entire area of the spa. If the Guest loses his watch in the Castle Spa, which entitles him to use the service, he must pay a watch replacement fee of HUF 5,000. In addition, the unused portion of the amount of free money pre-charged to the watch lost in this way (deposit) will not be refunded to the Guest - in the absence of the watch as a data carrier.
4. Cash registers open at 8 a.m. (swimming pool at 6 a.m.), cash registers close 45 minutes before Gyulai Castle Bath closes.
5. The opening hours of the Gyulai Várfürdő can be changed in justified cases (technical fault, weather, etc.) by the management of the spa, of which the guests will be notified via their usual means.
6. The admission ticket entitles you to a number of admissions within the period of validity, depending on its type.
7. The ticket is only valid for the service for which it was issued.
8. Children under the age of 10 can only enter the spa area under the supervision of a parent or authorized adult, and groups of children can only enter the spa area with a responsible escort.
9. Guests entitled to discounted tickets:
9.1. Under the age of 6 by purchasing a registration ticket
9.2. persons with a valid student and pensioner card
10. The Gyula discount can only be used with a valid, pre-triggered so-called possible with a "Gyula ID" card.
11. You can enter from the Hunguest Hotel Gyula only with the wristwatch provided for the guests of the Hunguest Hotel Gyula.
12. When entering the spa, please hand over the pre-redeemed tickets and passes to the cashiers for inspection.
13. Check-in points and cash registers are monitored by a permanently operating video system.
14. Please follow the calls of the spa employees and the regulations contained in the house rules. The service may be withdrawn from those who do not comply with the provisions despite the invitation or warning.
15. Everyone can use the spa services at their own risk (recommended bathing time in spas: 2 x 30 minutes a day), spa services on medical recommendation.
16. It is forbidden to jump into the pools with a heated body or to swim under the water for a long time.
17. There is an increased risk of slipping in some areas of the spa. In order to avoid accidents, the use of suitable non-slip slippers is mandatory in the pool areas and in places with an increased risk of slipping.
18. People suffering from infectious or skin diseases may not use the bath.
19. An intoxicated person may not stay in the spa area (especially with regard to medicine) or use services.
20. The lockers are operated with the electronic wristwatch received upon entry.
21. Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. may demand compensation for damages from those who intentionally or carelessly cause damage to the spa's furnishings and equipment, or to the park's vegetation.
22. In order to comply with the health and official regulations and for the undisturbed rest of spa guests, it is prohibited:
22.1. to use the pool bath without using a cleaning shower or foot washer
22.2. staying in the spa area without a bathing suit or a sauna towel in the designated area. It is not allowed to enter the swimming pools in clothing that, due to the size or material of its surface, is of concern from the point of view of public health, water quality, public morality or accident prevention. In view of this, the swimming pools may be used in swimwear that reaches no more than the knees on the lower body and no more than shoulder-length on the upper body
22.3. to use the shared pools - where there is a requirement for this - without a bathing cap
22.4. use pools with oily, sandy bodies
22.5. eating in the pools, using cleaning products, disturbing the peace of others
22.6. bring fragile objects (glasses, glasses, etc.) into the pools and pool lobbies
22.7. bringing balls (except beach balls), rubber mattresses, diving equipment (except with a permit) or any other object capable of causing accidents or injuries into the pools
22.8. for those who cannot swim, use the deep water
22.9. to jump into the water from a different point in the pools besides the starting stones
22.10. to swim in the warm water pools (except for the therapeutic swimming pool in Lovarda), to disturb the tranquility of the bathers, or to endanger their physical health
22.11. to occupy the stairwells of the common pools
22.12. wearing street shoes or clothes in the indoor pool areas
22.13. littering in the bath area, throwing away cigarette butts
22.14. remove and move benches, chairs, rocking beds and other equipment
22.15 bring any animal into the spa area. The ban does not apply to the dog required to perform the tasks of the guard dog security service and the assistance dog (guide dog for the blind, dog guiding a person with reduced mobility, sound signaling dog, seizure alert dog, personal assistance dog and therapy dog), in which cases the animal can be admitted to the Castle Spa area. The assistance dog is not allowed to stay in the open or closed pools, jacuzzis, and sitting tubs of the spa designed for bathing purposes, i.e. in the pool area, which means the interior of the pools and in which the assistance dog can come into direct contact with the bath water. With regard to the foot washers, the assistance dog may only come into contact with the water content of the disinfectant foot washer while passing through it, longer stays in it are not permitted. Assistance dogs are not allowed to stay in the spa's outdoor and indoor showers, however, the assistance dog may wait for the service user's owner before the shower. Assistance dogs are not allowed in steam cabins and saunas. Upon entry, the Head of the Bath Service will check the assistance dog's distinguishing mark and vaccination record (especially regarding rabies vaccination and treatment with a broad-spectrum anthelmintic). The assistance dog may not enter the area of the public bath if it shows signs of illness (dejection, fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea) or if it does not comply with the general hygiene rules. Before entering the public bath, the owner must wipe the assistance dog's eyes, mouth, anus and paws with a damp cloth for disinfection. The guard dog security service dog may stay in the area of the Castle Spa in accordance with the regulations in force that prescribe and regulate its use.
22.16. to bring a car or bicycle into the spa area, to drive with them during operating hours (except for service vehicles)
22.17. listening to or using a radio, tape recorder, CD, musical instrument in a way that disturbs others
22.18. to behave in a way that violates public order, public morals, and good taste
22.19. holding individual sauna pours, pouring your own essential oil or other liquid on the sauna stone, covering the sauna stone. The sauna program can only be performed by the sauna masters of Gyulai Várfürdő Kft., or persons with a contractual relationship with the company.
23. The use of electric and mechanical wheelchairs with limited mobility is permitted in certain - water-free - areas of the spa, but their use in the pool area and spa water is not permitted due to accident prevention and public health considerations. The wheelchair must comply with general hygiene rules.
24. Special services (rocking bed rental, couch rental) can only be used against the employee responsible for the rental or against a ticket exchanged at the ticket office.
25. Any illness or accident occurring in the spa area must be reported immediately to the nearest employee of the spa.
26. A worker trained to provide first aid is available for possible injury or illness to the guest. The spa keeps a record of accidents. Please sign the entry in the "Accident Log" (both in case of agreement and disagreement). Gyulai Várfürdő has liability insurance and accident insurance. The accident insurance entitlement is verified by presenting the entrance ticket. The spa is responsible for accidents up to the validity of the accident insurance.
27. The Gyula Castle Bath accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the disappearance of objects left unattended in the bath area.
28. Please hand over the found items to our cashier or orderly colleague.
29. Smoking is prohibited in the entire area of the Gyula Castle Spa, except for designated smoking areas outside.
30. In order to prevent fires, it is prohibited to:
31.1. throw burning cigarettes into a plastic waste container, among combustible waste
31.2. engage in any fire-causing activity.
32. The operation, opening and closing of outdoor pools depends on the weather. Signs posted at the entrances inform about the operation of the pools.
33. The use time of the bathtub, including undressing and dressing, is 1 hour, disabled people can bring a companion with them.
34. Medical services can only be used against tickets exchanged at the ticket office based on a doctor's recommendation. The date of the service is agreed by the patient management colleague. The service can only be used at the predetermined time.
35. Adults may not use the children's pools, except when supervising the child. It is forbidden to soak your feet in the children's pools.
36. Spa guests can make their comments and complaints in writing in the Customers' Book located at all cash desks.
37. Tenants and their employees may enter the spa area with a photo ID only for the purpose of work.
38. In the event of equipment maintenance, technical problems or force majeure, the spa excludes liability for compensation.
39. Photo, video and TV recordings may be made in the area of the Castle Spa, in which visitors may also appear. By purchasing a ticket, the guests acknowledge the above fact, at the same time they waive all claims for damages related to the recording and publication of the recordings, and they expressly consent to all legal uses.

This policy will enter into force on December 5, 2023, and the previous policy will expire at the same time.


Gyulai Várfürdő Kft.



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