The name of the sauna comes from the Finnish word "savu" (Hungarian: smoke). This form of bathing has been popular for centuries in the Nordic countries and now all over the world. A sauna actually means a changing bath. The short time spent in the dry hot air of the sauna cabin is followed by cooling down, either in the open air or in the cold water. "Sauna sessions" with large temperature fluctuations help the internal detoxification of the body and improve the heart and vascular system. It is also known for its mood-enhancing effect.

The Castello Sauna Park of Gyulai Várfürdő awaits its guests with 3 outdoor sauna houses, immersion tubs, hot tub showers, 2 indoor infrared saunas and a steam cabin. The intimate indoor and outdoor lounge provides a great place for friendly conversations and recreation.


From September 29, 2023, the entire building of Kupolás wellness will be closed for an indefinite period, it will not be open to our guests!

My reason is to review the entire structure and provide professional support for potential renovation opportunities.

The saunas can therefore only be accessed from outside the park, and only the outdoor Casanova, Panorama and Bástya saunas are accessible .

From October 7, 2023, the basic Castello Saunapark additional ticket will be reduced from HUF 1,600 to HUF 1,000, and in order to ensure comfortable seats, a limited number of sauna session tickets will be introduced , the price of which has been set at HUF 500/person on occasion.


Order of sauna sessions


During the day: 14:00, 16:00, 18:00

Castello Saunapark additional ticket: HUF 1,000 / person

Sauna session tickets: HUF 500 / person / occasion

In addition to the Polip pool, our guests can use the Lovarda pools during the Night Wellness bath.

Sessions are available in the Bástya sauna: at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00.

Night Wellness ticket: HUF 2,800 / person

Sauna session tickets: HUF 500 / person / occasion

Available every Saturday from 20:00 to 24:00, entry at the Winter main entrance!


Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. reserves the right to make changes!

Finnish sauna / Temporarily unavailable!

The original Finnish sauna has a temperature between 40 and 100°C. Recommended length of 1 sauna session for adults 15-20 minutes (maximum 25 minutes) for children 6-8 minutes Maximum number of people: 8 people

Bastion sauna

The bastion sauna is the largest of the outdoor saunas. This is where the special "castle" of our spa is poured. We recommend this experience for our guests with high tolerance. Maximum number of people: 30 people

Casanova sauna without swimwear

A healthy and correct sauna is done without a bathing suit. Among our outdoor saunas, we also ask our guests to use the sauna in a sauna sheet/towel, without a bathing suit. Maximum number of people: 20 people

Infrared sauna I-II. / Temporarily unavailable!

We recommend infrared saunas for our guests who are not comfortable with high temperatures. Even at a pleasant temperature, the infrared sauna has a very good effect, both on the activation of the sweat glands and on the skin. The infrared radiation penetrates deep into the skin tissue and makes its warming effect felt there as well. During use, the temperature is even, so it does not burden the body. Nevertheless, it strengthens the immune system, enhances detoxification, and also has an excellent effect on the skin. Maximum number of people: 7 to 7 people

Panoramic sauna

With its wonderful view, the Panoráma sauna provides the opportunity for our guests to admire the pearl-covered park of the Gyulai Várfürdő under nature protection. The game of the shadow of huge trees distracts from everyday problems. The sauna house decorated with salt bricks not only offers an interesting sight, but the evaporated salt softens the skin from the outside, and by inhalation has an anti-inflammatory effect. Maximum number of people: 25 people

Steam cabin / Temporarily unavailable!

The Steam Cabin provides 80% humidity at a temperature of only 40-50 °C. In the humid steam, the operation of the sweat glands is not as intense, so it does not strain the body, but its beneficial effect is the same as that of the Finnish sauna. In the heat, the pores of the skin expand and clear, and the secretion of the sebaceous glands increases. Blood circulation becomes more lively, muscles relax. The mucous membrane of the airways is cleared. Due to its excellent relaxing effect, it is highly recommended for those suffering from sleep disorders. Maximum number of people: 15 people

Pihenő square / Temporarily unavailable!

The wellness and sauna primarily serve physical refreshment. Sometimes, however, it can be a good feeling to retreat a little and be quiet. The separate rest area offers this opportunity. The cozy and quiet atmosphere is served by the comfortable furniture and the tasteful combination of soft warm colors. Thanks to the evaporating essential oils, the aroma of the rest room helps you relax and recharge. In the designed corners, the dear Guest can hide from the world, but in the larger common rest area, families or groups of friends can also escape from the noise of the water splashing in the wellness pool.




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