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Weekend for sauna users October 7-8, 2023.


As in previous years, the Gyula Castle Spa joined the season-opening event " Sauna Bathers' Weekend " announced by the Hungarian Bath Association.

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Cupola Wellness building closure


Dear guests!

During your visit, please note that from September 29, 2023, the entire building of the Kupolás wellness center will be closed for an indefinite period and will not be accessible to our guests!
The reason for this is the review of the entire structure and the professional support of potential renovation opportunities.

The saunas will therefore only be accessible from outside the park, and only the outdoor Casanova, Panorama and Bástya saunas will be accessible.

Until October 6, 2023, we provide a 30% discount on the price of the basic Castello Saunapark additional ticket , which will be replaced by a completely new price from October 7, 2023.
From October 7, 2023, the basic Castello Saunapark additional ticket will be reduced from HUF 1,600 to HUF 1,000 , and in order to ensure comfortable seats, a limited number of top-up tickets will be introduced , the price of which has been set at HUF 500/person on occasion.

More information during the next week!

Thank you for your understanding!

Lovarda CLOSED 19.09.2023.


Dear guests!

During your visit, please note that the Lovarda is due to a ground-penetrating radar test

On Tuesday , September 19, 2023 , it will not be open, and the passage of our guests through the building is not guaranteed either!

It is planned to continue operating as usual from Wednesday 20.09.2023.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!




25-meter training pool maintenance change


Dear guests!

During your visit, please note that the annual maintenance of the 25-meter-long Tanussoda will begin one week earlier due to technical reasons, so the changed date will last from August 30, 2023 to September 6, 2023!

Planned opening: 07 September 2023 (Thursday)

Thank you for your understanding!

Gyulai Várfürdő Kft.


National water pistol battle in the Gyula Castle Spa.


Be a part of the National Water Gun Battle, the location can't even be in question!

We are waiting for you in the Hullám pool of Gyula Várfürdő on August 19, 2023 at 14:00 , for the record attempt you only need your water gun and you!

Guidance and good advice:

- arrive at the Gyulai Várfürdő on time and find the Hullám pool (meeting point 1:30 p.m., start 2:00 p.m.)

- follow the requests of our colleagues conducting the record attempt

- bring your water pistol with you (if you can't find it at home, don't worry, you can buy it for yourself at a discounted price at the Gyula Várfürdő Beach Bar )

- everyone participates in the record attempt at their own risk, so take care of your companions while using the water pistol (avoid the head and eyes with the water jets)

- have fun without forgetting and capture the experience for yourself, which of course you can share with us


The event can be visited with Gyulai Várfürdő tickets that are valid at all times.

Gyulai Várfürdő reserves the right to make changes.

Gyulai Várfürdő - Jump into this year's beach season!



This year's beach season has started at the Gyula Castle Spa, where we are waiting for children and adults with numerous programs between June 16 and August 20, 2023.

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