Our medical treatment

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Pool bathing with medicinal water

The water of thermal well No.1 belongs to the group of sodium hydrogen carbonated healing waters and shows the following effects during a water cure: It enhances the regeneration ability of the body, has painkiller effect, mitigates allergic reactions, calms the nervous system and decreases sleep disorder. At appropriate temperature, it reduces inflammatory processes, and breathing it in it helps to cough respiratory phlegm up. Moreover, it reduces muscle tightness. Since it contains also a considerable amount of metasilicic acid, it decreases the symptoms of many skin diseases such as eczema, lichen and psoriasis (dartre).

Weight bath treatment

Károly Moll did the first subaquean traction treatment by means of wooden stocks made on the Hévíz Lake. Nowadays we do it in a pool made especially for this purpose. We apply a hanging up by anchored on neck or fortified on arms depending on whether the patient has cervical, dorsal or lumbar spine complaints or hip, knee or ankle articular complaints. Likewise, the primary illness determines where and how much weight we apply, or possibly we do the treatment without any weight.

Effervescent bath treatment

In our therapeutic section, we use it in form of carbonic acid bubble bath. The saturator, in which carbon dioxide is mixed with water, is placed bellow the treating tub; from here, we carry the carbonic acid water to the tub half filled up with thermal water. The treatment affects primarily on the circulatory system: it is of vasodilator, circulation-improving effect, reduces blood pleasure and improves the function of heart and lungs; consequently, we apply to patients suffering from vasoconstriction, cardiac troubles, after myocardial infarction, in the rehabilitation of heart operation. From the locomotor disorders it is good for treating neuritis, osteoporosis. Its good stress relieving effect is also known.

Underwater jet massage

In everyday language, it is known only as tangentor treatment, although in truth this name refers to the appliance moving the water. During this treatment, the patient lies in a large-sized medical tub in a way that the body part to be treated is always under water, while we massage it with a water-jet in a special order. The pressure of water-jet varies depending on the patient’s body constitution, the type of disease and the purpose of treatment. The treatment is effective if it is applied with adequate technique. It serves for treating mainly the muscles of upper and lower limbs along the spine. We perform a whole body treatment mostly.

Underwater remedial exercises

In case of advanced locomotor disorders the musculature may be reduced partly or concerning the whole body. The inflammation returning again and again may result in the contraction of articular capsule and ligaments, which conduce to a limitation of motion. This process may be prevented with doing remedial exercises everyday regularly, but often it is not executable because of the pain.The range of indications is very broad, since it may be necessary in almost every disorders needing rehabilitation. In addition to the abrasive disorders of spinal, shoulder, hip and knee joints it has also an important role in treating inflamed articular diseases. It is one of the most important treating methods after replacement surgeries, spinal disc herniation interventions, fractures, ligament injuries and in osteoporosis. However in water of warm temperature these joints can be worked out without pain. The convulsive, tense muscles become tensile, and their strength increase. Our patients do underwater remedial exercises in groups of 8-10 people, in a specially equipped pool filled with thermal water, under the guidance of our physiotherapists. The treatment is in 3 exercise groups: neck-shoulder, spine and hip-knee groups.


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