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Complex bath therapeutic treatment

This is a special form of treatment primarily for patients with serious locomotor disorders concerning more than one region, for people, who got over a spinal disc herniation intervention, a replacement surgery or who suffer from polyarthritis.
The treatments are under close medical attention. The head physician of the baths arranges the treating programme, the main part of which involves underwater and gym room remedial exercises. Between the treatments the patients take a rest lying in the therapeutic section. About the patient we keep a case sheet, and at the end of the cure, following a check-up, we give a final report.


Other treatments of remedial exercises

A well-equipped gym room of the Castle Spa provides possibility for individual and group treatments of remedial exercises. The type and severity of disorders determines the exercise groups.
Many gymnastic tools (balls, Indian clubs, ribbons, wall bars, etc.) help the works of the physiotherapist.
We attach importance to letting our patients go home after having provided with advises relating to the performable forms of motion, and we familiarize them with the exercises that can be done at home, individually. At getting up a programme we always take into consideration the primary and the concomitant illnesses, the muscular strength and the remained range of movement. We give regimen advices, and should it prove necessary we help to attain the proper use of the therapeutical equipment.


Physical therapy


In the therapeutic section of the Castle Spa we have a physiotherapeutic unit equipped with the most up-to-date devices. In the field of electrotherapy we have low and medium frequency devices. The best-known forms of treatment are the followings: diadynamic current therapy, iontophoresis with dionin, special galvanic treatments (Bougignon and Bergonier), four cell galvanic bath, interference, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and muscle stimulation treatments such as Russian stimulation and selective current stimulation. We use various forms of ultrasonic treatments: pulsating, sonodynator, subaqualis. We have a magneto therapy device that renders help primarily in the after-treatments of traumas. Lymphomat treatment is a slightly used form of treatment, with which we can improve lymph circulation. Consequently, it is well applicable for reducing dropsies, lymph oedemas emerged as a consequence of accidents, surgical interventions, and last but not least also for treating cellulite. By means of our cryotherapy device we can relieve acute inflammatory processes, pains caused by acute neuritis such as acute gouty outburst, pain caused by contusion and strain, sciatica, etc.



Remedial massage treatment


In rehabilitive cure, we apply therapeutic massage to the debit of the social insurance. Medical massage or remedial massage is the most popular treatment for the patients in all spas and medicinal baths. During the massage, we treat the part of the body, which was prescribed by the physician, with the base grips and holds of the classical Swedish massage. The treatment aims to relax tense, convulsive muscles, to increase blood supply, due to which the muscular pain decreases and the strength of muscles increases. However, it is important to know that it can never substitute remedial exercises.




Mud cure


In our therapeutic section, we apply it in the form of mudpack. We use the medicinal muds of Maros River as base material, which we boil in a special mud-boiling kettle to 100 °C with our own medicinal water and then cool to 42 °C. On which temperature we apply to treat the prescribed regions. Its effects derive partly from the local effects of heat, and on the other hand from the admission of the dissolved mineral material to the body.First of all it is suitable to treat degenerative – in everyday language called only ‘abrasive’ – articular and spinal diseases, abrasions in the joints of hip, knee and ankle, low back pain, vertebral disc abrasion, contractions caused by passed off arthritis, sequelae of sports injuries, surgical interventions, old injuries and fractures, as well as, certain forms of gynaecological inflammations and infertility. Any acute inflammation – such as the acute inflammation of veins, joints and air passages – contraindicates the treatment.




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