Association swimming lessons

in connection with the 2023/2024 academic year swimming lessons and remedial educational tasks

In our association, we pay a lot of attention to the preservation of children's health and the development of their movement culture. The aim of the education is to enable them to learn good swimming technique as soon as possible and to have reliable deep water swimming skills. We welcome everyone to the sessions of our swimming department with love and new opportunities
You can apply in the following way:
1. Please fill out the application form with the requested data (the form can be downloaded or is available in printed form at the Fahíd entrance cash desk).
2. Please discuss your child's swimming skills and basics with our swimming coach Gyula Vass : 30/ 469-67-48.
3. Based on the information provided, our coaching colleagues assign the applicants to the appropriate group for them.
4. After applying and paying the membership fee, children can enter the Fahíd cashier with their sports card. The one-time fee for issuing the card is HUF 1,500, which is payable at the Fahíd cash desk.

Important information

Membership fee

From September 1, 2023, the monthly association fee is HUF 8,000/person/month , in the case of siblings: HUF 15,000/2 siblings/month; HUF 20,000/3 siblings/month or HUF 24,000/4 siblings/month
The amount of the fee is not to be understood as an hourly fee broken down by occasion, but rather the fee for maintaining the legal relationship of the swimming department. The payment of the fee can be made by bank transfer or payment at a bank branch to the bank account number 11733027-20051400 of Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. at OTP Bank Nyrt by the 15th of each month. Please indicate the child's name and, if possible, the relevant month on the transfer. In case of membership fee arrears, both the child's and the parent's card will be invalidated.


Parent card

Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. provides 1 parental card free of charge for the relatives of children born after January 1, 2013. In exceptional cases, an additional card can be issued with the director's permission based on an individual assessment.
Parents can only enter the swimming pool with parental cards at the Fahíd ticket office of the spa, it is not possible to enter without a card. The cards only provide entry at the Fahíd cashier, they do not entitle you to use the spa's services. The cards can only be collected by the parents at the Fahíd cash desk by signing a receipt.
Parental cards only provide the opportunity to assist children in dressing and hair-drying. The parent card does not entitle you to visit the training sessions, the swimming department of Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. offers all parents the opportunity to watch them free of charge at pre-announced times before school breaks. In case of loss or damage of the transferred card, a replacement fee of HUF 5,000/piece must be paid for the issuance of a new card.

In case of misuse of the card, Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. reserves the right to withdraw or block the issued card or to terminate the right to free entry.

• Swimming caps must be worn in the 25 m and 50 m swimming pools.

• It is forbidden to enter the indoor pools with street shoes.

Please also read the PARENTS' CODE OF CONDUCT of the Hungarian Swimming Association.

Gyula, August 30, 2023

Miklós Kun
Executive Director
Gyulai Várfürdő Kft.



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