The most striking part of the entire complex are the two huge slides , which start from a height of several 10 meters and go around the inside of a volcano, then burst out like lava, and at the end end the super experience by splashing into the cooling water. In order to make the slide down even more unforgettable, different visual effects are used to create sensual disappointments. On the Fényalagút body slide, you can use the usual body slide , on the other hand, on the Fel(l)ejtő donut slide, you can race along a huge donut slide to make the experience as extreme as possible.

Diving lovers will also find themselves at home in the adventure pool of the Gyula Castle Spa, in the diving pool.

Those who want a more family adventure need not be afraid, because on the 4-person slide , father - mother - children can slide down together to splash in the delicious water together.




















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