Night wellness

Night wellness is a favorite recreation and refreshment option for groups of friends, young and old couples. It regenerates body and soul and provides active rest for wellness lovers.


In addition to the Polip pool, our guests can use the Lovarda pools during the Night Wellness bath.


Infusions are available in the Panorama sauna: at 20:45, 21:30 and 22:30 , and in the Bástya sauna: at 21:00, 22:00 and 23:00.

Night Wellness ticket: HUF 2,800 / person

Pour-over tickets: HUF 500 / person / occasion

Available every Saturday from 20:00 to 24:00, entry at the Winter main entrance!






From September 29, 2023, the entire building of the Kupolás wellness center will be closed for an indefinite period and cannot be visited by our guests!
My reason is to review the entire structure and provide professional support for potential renovation opportunities.

The saunas can therefore only be accessed from the outside from the park, and only the outdoor Casanova, Panoráma and Bástya saunas are accessible.

Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. reserves the right to make changes!








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