The Gyula Spa is located in the former park of Almásy Castle, its total area is 8.4 ha.

The history of the park began at the beginning of the 1700s, with the construction of the first castle, and there were both beautiful and difficult periods in its life. However, starting from the 1950s, with the dream of the spa, the castle garden could also be given a new lease of life, and landscaping began. In the arboretum-style park, the ancient trees of the original park, deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs, perennial and annual flowers and the beautiful green lawn fit well together.
Our horticulturist colleagues take care of the plants throughout the year so that the guests can relax in a well-kept, colorful, green and healthy environment in accordance with the flowery urban image.
Ferenc Erkel, a famous native of Gyula, was a frequent visitor to the castle and its park. Among the trees, in the shade of the old oak trees, he created his work Bánk bán. A statue has been guarding his memory since the summer of 2019.















































































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