The development of the Gyula Castle Spa

MTÜ Kisfaludy Program

In order to prepare the level of service and capacity expansion of Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. and to finance its implementation, a Support Deed was signed with Kisfaludy2030 Turisztikai Fejlesztő Nonprofit Kft. (project identification number: ET-2020-02-099), according to which Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. 2 It received HUF 883,677,788 in support (the total billable cost of the project is HUF 3,185,110,000, with a support intensity of 90%).

In the first phase of the project, the "Children's Paradise" will be renovated (spray park, children's paddling pool and children's pool - combined play tower with water play elements and slides), construction work will begin in the fall of 2021.

The planned completion date of the entire investment is November 30, 2023.
The subsidized project is implemented in the framework of the Kisfaludy Tourism Development Program.

The Gyula Castle Bath will be renewed

In December 2017, Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. TOP-3.2.1-16 Energetic modernization of municipal buildings. received 100% non-refundable support in the context of a call for tenders. The amount of the awarded support: HUF 229,577,877.

Project identification number: TOP-3.2.1-16-BS1-2017-00053

The title of the project: Energetic development of the Gyula Castle Spa
Project implementation period: 03.01.2019-07.31.2021.
Place of implementation: 5700 Gyula, Várkert u. 2.

As a result of the development, the energetic development of the Gyula Castle Bath was realized with the following parameters:
The affected buildings are the building of the 50-meter swimming pool and the buildings of the 25-meter teaching pool.

• Thermal insulation of facade walls
• Placement of plastic doors and windows
• Barrier-free dressing room, toilet and shower
• Installation of an elevator in the building of the 25-meter swimming pool
• Modernization of the heat emitter, replacement of radiators in the building of the 25-meter swimming pool
• Placing a 50 kW solar panel system on the roof of the main building
• Construction of a new, expanded, heat-recovery ventilation system in place of the existing one in the building of the 25-meter swimming pool
• Replacement of the roof structure of the 50-meter swimming pool
• Installation of a new, modern air blower in connection with the air retention system of the 50-meter swimming pool
• Lighting modernization

The project was realized with the help of European Union support, within the framework of the Széchenyi 2020 program.

Complete application information is available here:

"Development of Gyulai Castle Spa 2009"

Date: On June 20, 2012, the "Gyulai Castle Spa Development 2009" project began

On June 20, the development of the Gyula Castle Bath, costing almost two and a half billion forints, began, at the end of which the water surface will increase by nearly 900 square meters. The spa successfully applied for the Southern Great Plain Operative Program of the New Széchenyi Plan, and within the framework of this, it won nearly HUF 1.2 billion in non-refundable EU and state funding. The remaining amount is provided by Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. as its own funds, and the company also takes care of the loan of almost one billion forints. The expansion is expected to ensure that the spa welcomes tourists and families to a high standard both in winter and summer, and last but not least, 21 new jobs will be created.

In recent years, Gyula has been among the ten most visited Hungarian cities in the country, and based on measurements, it was found that 83 percent of guests travel to Gyula because of the Gyula Castle Spa and the atmosphere of the historic city (79%).

It is no coincidence that - according to estimates - tourism provides a living for 15-20 percent of the population. From the above data, it can be seen that - from the point of view of tourism - the Gyula Spa is of outstanding importance for the future of Gyula, and it is no coincidence that further developments, such as increasing attendance and job creation, have come to the fore in recent years.

The plans of the city leaders were helped by the fact that, according to a poll, 73 percent of the citizens of Gyula - from the point of view of the future of the city - named the development of tourism as the main starting point, and even 55 percent of them were visitors to the spa. The opinion of the citizens of Gyula is strengthened by the fact that in the last 2-3 years, developments of the order of a billion forints each have been realized in the hotel industry, which indicate that investors and private owners also expect a serious future in tourism.

Even today, the Gyula Castle Spa is the market leader in the narrower region, but is it worth it to have a total of almost five thousand square meters of water, including 11 indoor and eight outdoor pools, if the spa can't? in addition to medical services - to provide quality and family-friendly, three-generation services to all guests throughout the year.
That is why the city management decided with the management of Gyulai Várfürdő Kft. that the spa, considered the jewel of Gyula, should be further expanded.

This is how the decision was made to enrich the Gyulai Castle Bath with a modern family experience bath that entices all members of the family to take a bath all year round. During the investment, the spa will be enriched with a new indoor experience complex, in which, among other things, five new pools (experience pool, swimming pool, children's pool, relaxation pool, diving pool), three slides, water bar, sauna world, two playgrounds for different age groups and a baby-mother corner will be created.


From December 22, 2013, it awaits its guests with cloudless experiences in any season of the year. Gyula's biggest attraction, the Gyula Castle Spa! The new indoor experience complex serves families, young people and those who visit the spa not primarily for the medicinal water all year round. The innumerable elements of the experience – a roller coaster, standing massages, reclining massages, underwater massages, geysers, whirlpools, neck showers, water curtains, as well as a family and rafting navigatour slide and a wide slide (body) slide – introduce guests to the mysteries of the water world. Daring and fearless guests can test their courage on the trampoline, from which they can splash into a 4-meter-deep diving pool. THE
comfort is not left behind, as bubble benches, hot tubs, the possibilities offered by the new sauna world and a water bar satisfy all the needs of bathers. While the adults are having fun, indulging in exciting pleasures,
until then, the little ones can find breathtaking adventures on the playgrounds.
Bathe with your family in the Gyulai Castle Spa in the sun or in the snow!

Frequently asked questions and answers

Why is it necessary to implement the investment?

The Gyula Castle Spa is one of the most traditional spas in the Southern Plain Region. Every year, around 500-600 thousand guests use its internationally recognized services.
The operation and tourist importance of the spa significantly affects not only the city's economy, but also the region's economy through the spillover effects of tourism revenues and revenues from additional services. In addition, the National Health Tourism Development Strategy classifies the Gyula Castle Bath as the only internationally certified spa in the Southern Great Plain.

The last major developments of the spa were completed in 2004. In two phases of the Széchenyi plan, the wellness department was renovated, and the capacity of medical services was expanded by 90%, the swimming pool block and the Lovarda, boasting four therapeutic pools, were renewed. Nowadays, international and domestic tourism trends demand new, modern health care services on the one hand, and on the other hand, the spa cannot provide an attractive program for families with small children - outside of the summer season. The Gyula Castle Spa cannot fully meet these challenges. The wellness department is now crowded, small, and technically and aesthetically outdated, and it is necessary to expand the quality, number, and capacity of the services.

In the past decade, several significant spas in the region have made improvements, and many projects are planned in Romania, so the competitive situation in the market is getting stronger. Gyula can maintain its prestigious position if it competes not only for Hungarian but also for foreign spa guests. There is a significant demand for quality spa services, for example, from Romania, after the neighboring country's accession to the European Union, this trend became even more intense. Gyula has a competitive advantage over Hajdúszoboszlo, Debrecen, and Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdő due to its geographical location (international border crossing point) in serving Romanian guests, but it must also make its services competitive in order to retain its guests.

There is also significant competition during the summer beach season, which is the most important and most profitable period for spas. The smaller spas (beaches) of the region, which are not accessible in winter, are an alternative in summer to the larger, more crowded spas of regional or national importance. Even in this situation, Gyulai Várfürdő must find a way to ensure that the number of guests increases year after year and does not decrease due to the competitive situation. In addition, it is expected that in the next 5-10 years significant spa developments will be realized in the areas close to the Romanian border. By then, an attractive technological and service level must be created in Gyula that encourages foreign guests to visit the Gyula Castle Bath.

In summary, it can be said that the four so-called. It can provide three of the spa functions (medical spa, beach spa, sports swimming, wellness experience spa) at a nationally recognized high standard, but there is a great lack of an experience spa that can attract and serve young people and families with small children.

The project is therefore primarily necessary to represent a quality attraction in the long term and to guarantee the competitiveness of the Gyula Castle Spa and the city of Gyula in the international market of the tourism industry.

Why is implementation support necessary?

Support for the planned project is necessary because the attractions in tourism (museums, cultural and sports events, spas) are usually not profitable enough to attract the interest of private capital.

That is why it is necessary for local governments to undertake the management and development of local tourist attractions.
In our country - thanks to our main natural resource, the abundantly available thermal water - health tourism is of particular importance: the first of the seven programs of the New Széchenyi Plan is the - Gyógyító Hungary - Health Industry Program, the first sub-programme of which is called "Tourism based on the Health Industry".

Within this, the present project proposal fully supports the sub-program aimed at the development of quality (complex) tourism supply related to health tourism.

Taking this into account, the main owner of the spa, the Gyula City Municipality, decided to generate significant tourist traffic by further developing the Gyula Castle Spa, even by international standards. Hotel) realizes a spa that can induce further hotel investments, for which it cannot do without EU support.
The unique offer of the existing spa pools, expanded with the main element of the project, the indoor family experience spa full of wellness services, creates an unexploited market segment for Gyula, which, with a well-structured marketing strategy, becomes an even more successful business with a profitable and returning clientele.

During its operation, Gyulai Várfürdő - in an almost unique way among Hungarian spas (!) - can continue to do without the operating support of the local government, it creates jobs in the city, attracts investors (hotels, restaurants, other tourist programs) to the area, thereby creating space for new income generators for the establishment of enterprises.

The investment magnitude of the project could not be financed solely from own resources and/or loans, therefore non-refundable community support is needed.

In what way does the investment affect access to the Gyula Castle Spa services?

The construction schedule was divided into several work phases, now the city's population, accommodation providers and guests are informed about the last work phase: last work phase (March 1, 2013 - until the end of the works)
the main building can be used in its full function, with the extended winter break,
the shaded and sparkling pools are expected to be closed for the entire duration of the construction, the cargo port is not in operation,
the other pools of the spa are operating without disturbance according to the usual operating schedule.
The work phases depend on the weather and other external factors, so the execution duration of the individual work phases may change accordingly, and their start and end times may change.
Current information about the investment is continuously shared with our dear guests on the website
Gyulai Várfürdő and the contractors are united in their commitment to minimizing any disturbing factors during the construction work.
Due to possible inconveniences, the management of Gyula Castle asks for the kind understanding and patience of our dear guests in the hope of waiting together for the new, family experience bath serving your comfort!

Why did the outdoor shaded and sparkling pools have to be closed during the construction work of the new adventure pool?

Keeping in mind the safety of the Dear Bathing Guests, it is necessary to close the shade and sparkling pool during the entire duration of the investment, as these pools will become an integral part of the new building with the new shade canopy partially pulled over them.
However, the other 16 pools located in the area of the Gyulai Castle Bath continue to operate unchanged according to the regulations of the Operating Regulations.

Our spa pools are also available during construction:
- octopus pool
- the swimming pools in the Lovarda building
- swimming pool (until October 25, 2012).

Why does the investment start in the middle of the summer season?

Unfortunately, the EU application system and its assessment process do not take into account the date of construction, so in order to be able to take the necessary technological steps (e.g. excavation, foundation, waterproofing) and to complete the developments as soon as possible June 20, 2012 , that is, the investment must start at the beginning of the summer season. Therefore, a detailed scenario was prepared for the timing of the construction works in order to minimize inconvenience to the guests.

What new services will be created as a result of the development?

New services to be created:
1. Massage (5 beds): The Beauty Massage Salon, which opened in 2011, is moving to a new location on the ground floor of the main building.
2. Solarium (2pcs)
3. Cosmetics.
4. Family adventure pool (600 square meters of water surface, 16 adventure elements)
5. Swimming pool (recreational)
6. Children's pool 7. Relaxation pool
8. Plunge pool (for saunas)
9. "Rising donut" adventure slide
10. Spiral body slide
11. Family slide
12. Deep water trampoline
13. New sauna world - aroma sauna
14. New sauna world - infrared cabin
15. New sauna world - steam cabin
16. New sauna world - Finnish sauna
17. New sauna world - ice fountain and hot tub shower
18. Changing room and baby-mother relaxation room
19. Adolescent dry playground
20. Baby dry playground
21. Childcare and leisure animation

How does the size of the water surface expand as a result of the development?

The most important parameters of newly built pools in the Gyulai Castle Bath experience pool: Row number Name Water surface size (m2) Water temperature (°C) Medicinal water / non-medicinal water Water circulation / filling-draining Annual average operation (days) Indoor pools 1. Experience pool 608 30-32 no medicated water circulating 365 2. Swimming pool 166 27-29 non-medicated water circulating 365 3. Children's pool 73 30-32 non-medicated water circulating 365 4. Relaxation pool 35 34-36 non-medicated water circulating 365 New indoor pools in total: 882 Outdoor pools 1. Plunge 12 12 -18 non-medicinal water whirlpools 365 New indoor and outdoor pools in total: 894


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