Other medical treatments

Complex spa treatment

A special form of treatment, primarily for severe locomotor patients affecting multiple regions, those who have undergone spinal hernia surgery, prosthesis implantation, and long-term polyarthritis sufferers.

The treatments take place under close medical supervision. The treatment program is drawn up by the spa's chief physician, an important part of which is underwater and gym therapy and physical therapy. Patients lie down in the medical ward between treatments. Complex medical treatment only takes place on weekdays. We keep a medical record of the patients, and give a final report after the control examination at the end of the treatment.

Other physiotherapy treatments

In the well-equipped gymnasium of the castle spa, individual and group physiotherapy treatments are also available. The exercise groups are determined by the type and severity of the illness.

The work of physiotherapists is aided by a number of exercise equipment (balls, maces, bands, rib wall, etc.).

We consider it important to send our patients home in such a way that we provide them with advice on the forms of exercise that can be performed, and we teach them physiotherapy exercises that can be performed independently at home. When compiling these, we always take into account the underlying and accompanying diseases, muscle strength, and the remaining range of motion. We give lifestyle advice and, if necessary, help you learn the correct use of medical aids.


The medical department of Várfürdő has a physical therapy department equipped with the most modern equipment. In the field of electrotherapy, we have low- and medium-frequency equipment, the best-known forms of treatment are: diadynamic current treatments, dionine iontophoresis, special galvanic treatments (Bourgignon, Bergonier), compartment galvanic treatment, interference, TENS, muscle stimulation treatments: Russian stimulation, selective impulse current treatment.

We use several forms of ultrasound treatments: pulsed, sonodynator, subaqualis. We have a magnetotherapy device, which primarily helps in the after-treatment of trauma and prosthetic implants.

A less common form of treatment is the Lymphomat treatment, which can be used to improve the lymphatic circulation, so it can be used to reduce edema and lymphedema caused by accidents and surgical interventions, and last but not least, it can also be used to treat cellulite.

With the help of our cryotherapy device, we can reduce acute inflammatory processes and pain caused by acute neuritis: e.g. acute gout attack, pain caused by bruising, twitching, sciatica, etc.

Therapeutic massage treatments

In a rehabilitation course, we use medical massage at the expense of social insurance. Medical or therapeutic massage is the most popular form of treatment for patients in all spas. During the massage, we treat the part of the body prescribed by the doctor using the basic techniques of classic Swedish massage.

The aim of the treatment is to relax tight, spasmodic muscles and increase blood supply, which reduces muscle pain and increases muscle strength. However, it is important to know that it never replaces physiotherapy.

It is most often used in chronic diseases associated with muscle tension in the neck, back, and lumbar spine. In the case of hip and knee joint pathologies, the atrophy of the surrounding muscles and the shortening of some muscles can also be effectively treated with therapeutic massage.


Mud treatment

We use it in the form of a pack in our medicine. As a basic material, we currently use Kolop medicinal mud, which is boiled in a special mud cooking cauldron with our own medicinal water to 100 °C, then cooled to 42 °C, at which temperature it is used to treat the prescribed regions.

Its effects are partly due to the local effects of heat, and partly due to the entry of dissolved minerals into the body.

Primarily for degenerative joint and spine diseases, known colloquially as "wear and tear", wear and tear of hip, knee and ankle joints, low back pain, disc wear, shrinkage caused by past arthritis, sports injuries, surgeries, residual symptoms of old injuries, fractures, as well as gynecological inflammation, suitable for the treatment of certain forms of infertility.



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