Spa pools

Guests can relax in several pools of the Gyula Castle Spa in healing waters of different temperatures. No special medical consultation is required for their use. It is important to observe the time limit indicated in front of the pools!

Recommended bathing time: 2 x 30 minutes a day, unless the doctor orders otherwise.

Lovarda medicinal water swimming pool

The 28-30 °C thermal water is very popular among guests who want to heal, do sports and exercise. The water of the 20-meter long, 1.4-1.7 m deep pool is medicinal water, which is why its color is reddish brown. We recommend it to our guests who can swim well. It is available to guests every day of the year.


Small spa pool


1 meter deep, 36-38 °C, high temperature thermal pool. Due to the high temperature, its use is not recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.


Large spa pool


The 1 meter deep, 34-35°C spa pool is recommended to our patients who wish to recover and regenerate, and who cannot use the high-temperature spa pool I in Lovarda due to cardiovascular diseases. This pool is also open to guests every day of the year.


Butterfly family spa pool


The butterfly-shaped spa pool contains 34-36 °C thermal water, 0.9-1.1 m deep, and is located in the indoor part of the Lovarda. The spa pool, which looks like a butterfly from above, is open every day of the year. For our guests with reduced mobility, the patient lift used in the water provides access.


Octopus therapeutic pool

It is no coincidence that the "Polip" spa pool is the most popular. The 0.9-1.1 meter deep pool filled with 36-38°C medicinal water refreshes not only the body, but also the soul. The indoor-outdoor pool that opens from the relaxation section of the Lovarda building takes you to the park in the nature conservation area, where our guests can relax and heal in a beautiful environment, in the shade of evergreens. In terms of its shape, the spa pool, which resembles the tentacles of an octopus, also operates in the winter. Thanks to the high temperature of the medicinal water in it, even the cold of winter is not noticeable, so you can enjoy the velvety warmth of the water and the purifying, cold air of winter at the same time.

Shaded spa pool


The medicinal water at 36–38 ºC (0.8–1.00 m deep) is mainly suitable for rehabilitation treatment after locomotor diseases, muscle pains, accidents, and surgeries. However, due to the high temperature of the healing water, we do not recommend it for heart patients and people with circulatory disorders. The pool is available to our guests with two neck showers and two showers.






Hot tub pool


The medicinal water at 32-34 ºC (0.8-1.00 m deep) can be used especially for muscle pains and joint complaints with excellent effect. The 12 sparkling heads and 4 hydromassage heads mean a real experience for all ages. The upward-flowing bubbles create a special pleasure while bathing, the jets massage all points of the body. This spa pool has a lower temperature, so small children can also use it.

Hot tub spa pool


The water of the 32-34°C spa pool is 0.9-1.4 meters deep. The broad water flow from above with 12 different strengths has a massaging effect. The water pours out from the top through a wide nozzle, with great intensity.


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