General Information:

  • It is forbidden to jump into the pools with a heated body or to swim permanently under the water!

  • Swimming caps are mandatory in the 25 m and 50 m swimming pools!

  • Due to the increased risk of slipping, the use of slippers is recommended!

Water children's paradise

The new Water Children's Paradise, which is unique in our country and offers unclouded relaxation for children under the age of 14, is essential for a peaceful holiday for families with small children. Slides, water cannons, gargoyles, different water jets and many more elements guarantee fabulous fun for young and old.

The complex can accommodate a total of 300 children at the same time.

(Water playground 50 people, Baby paddling pool 50 people and the Adventure pool 200 people)

Water temperature 30-32 °C

Water depth 0-35 cm

In addition to paddling, our renewed family-friendly playground awaits children and their parents.
The rubber-covered playground has several swings, including a nest swing, a baby-mom swing, a caterpillar swing and a trampoline.


Wave pool

One of the most popular summer elements of the Gyulai Castle Spa is the wave pool. The Dél-Alföld's unique and incredible wave bath is very popular due to its modern and family-friendly design. Its shallowest part is 45 cm, while its deepest point is 2.2 m. So it provides an excellent opportunity for relaxation for the whole family. The real highlight of the fun is the 5-7 minute - really big - almost 1 meter waves.

Pool with slide

The sophisticatedly designed pool with 2 slides is among the favorites of most families. In addition to the more than 110 m giant slide, a shorter but much steeper kamikaze offers the possibility of a cloudless experience. Their safe use is ensured by a qualified supervisor. Due to the gradually deepening design of the pool, it is suitable not only for water fun, but also for swimming. In the relaxation area surrounding the pool, we also provide the opportunity for comfortable sunbathing.


25 m indoor swimming pool

Training center for one of the newest and most modern competition swimming pools in the Southern Great Plain. There are excellent conditions for training the supply of water sports. Thanks to the convex base, both ends of the pool are suitable for learning swimming and jumping techniques. The shallowest part in the middle is the most ideal location for learning to swim. In the renovated environment, the children are happy to acquire the knowledge and practice of swimming.




50 m swimming pool

The 50 m competition swimming pool is suitable for swimming competitions, water polo matches and other entertainment programs all year round. Due to the excellent water quality of the pool, it is popular among those who want to do sports. The stand next to it is suitable for sunbathing and cheering. With the arrival of the autumn season, the pool will be covered by a tent. Thus, even in winter, suitable conditions are provided for water sports events and for those who want to swim.






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